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3D printing in complex vascular disease PDF

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Vascular anomalies do not necessarily preclude transplantation, and a classification system could guide management. Our feasibility study of patient-specific 3D printing suggests that cases classified as sufficiently complex can benefit from this technology. Patient-specific models provide the surgical team with the full, 3D, accessible, haptic, and spatial appreciation of anatomy that is 05/01/2016 · This video presents the utility of 3D printing to individualize management of complex esophageal pathology in two recent patients. The author performed a combined endoscopic and surgical procedure in a male patient with metastatic teratoma leading to a left pneumonectomy, complicated by an esophago-aortic fistula requiring aortic bypass and esophageal diversion without resection. 3D … For centers thinking of creating a 3-D printing program, cardiologists need to ask what they plan to use the models for to determine what they need in terms of printer quality and types of media to make the models, said Vijay Iyer, M.D., Ph.D., director of the complex valve clinic and structural heart interventions at the Gates Vascular Institute (GVI) and Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC).