YaC-Primer. Yet another C-Primer vol.1.pdf

YaC-Primer. Yet another C-Primer vol.1 PDF

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ISBN 885480780X
AUTOR Andrea Crisanti
DATEINAME YaC-Primer. Yet another C-Primer vol.1.pdf

27 Aug 2002 ... sequencing machine or other authorized automated DNA sequencing machines that have been authorized under ... C-1. Electrophoresis on the ABI PRISM 3700 DNA Analyzer . ... BigDye® primers (original), but can be used for BigDye terminators ... To perform cycle sequencing on BAC DNA: (continued) ... Figure 1. Amplification plot of 10 x serial diluted cDNA, using SYBR® Green detection ... The RT step is performed at 40-50 °C and the specific PCR primers are ... To obtain robust allelic data, it is vital that a different probe is used for each ... Prepare a reaction mix with a volume 5 to 10 % higher than the volume needed . This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. ... With SacII, a 5S rDNA block of around 30 kb was observed for YACs 7E6 and 7E7 (block 2) ... Different sets of primers were used, based on the consensus sequence of Campell et al. ... (1992) is much more similar to 5S units from chromosome 5 block 1 (6A1, 4E4) and ...